Oct, 2014
Congratulation to Dr. Lien

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Nov, 2014
Tsang-Kai Chang received Best Thesis Award

Congratulation to Tsang-Kai Chang his gruaduation topic: Stability Analysis of Random Access Systems with Imperfect Sensing Topology received Best Thesis Award.

May, 2014
Feng-Seng Chu and I-Wei Lai’s artical is issued on yowu report news

Wireless charging technology will bring us a whole new world.

Our research area focuses on two parts

Our lab focuses on the research of Large Networks. Networks are composed of collections of items with relationships. Most networks can be characterized by their topology; however, for large networks, their topologies may be too complicated to be understood or their size may be to large such that complete description of their topologies is utterly impossible through relatively limited sensing. Friendship in social networks, big data via sensing or cognition, and transmission capacity in wireless communication networks are common examples. This fact drive us to characterize large networks by local descriptions, and thus, with only locally sensed or sampled data, we wish to understand, to optimize, to infer, or even to design/control the large networks. Our research includes identifying satisfactory mathematical model of networks, and further deriving control intuition on networks. To be more explicit, we summarize our research by two major directions: large wireless communication networks and large information networks.

Newly publications
June, 2014

Time dynamics of random access in cognitive radio networks

Communications (ICC), 2014 IEEE International Conference